Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Sweat: Week Two Review

Hello again all! I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far. I have my second week of Spring Sweat classes and Lululemon review for you all today. I am really enjoying testing out new studios and ways to sweat all over Dallas! I am also loving what this experience is doing for my health. I am starting to notice a real change in energy and muscle tone in my body after my second week of classes. Seeing this really reassures me that I am on the right path, and motivates me to keep going. I hope to see you all at a class with me soon!!!

Date: Monday, March 23rd

Time: 6:45 p.m.

Location: The Barre Code Highland Park

Class: Barre Code

Instructor: Elizabeth Hood

About: This signature workout is a 50 minute full body workout, targeting the arms, abdominals, thighs, and glutes and includes intermittent cardio activity. Each class also incorporates different props and equipment. Alternating between isometric holds, heavy repetition, and deep stretching, this class is geared toward working your muscles to fatigue to develop musle stamina and endurance over time.

What Meggie Wore:
Top:  Lululemon "Mesh With Me Tank" HERE
Pants: Lululemon "If You're Lucky Pant" c/o HERE

Thoughts: I enjoyed my first barre class here at The Barre Code Highland Park so much that I decided to give it another go. During my first class, the awesome instructor Liz was on vacation, so this was my first time with her. I really enjoyed the energy and difficulty she brought to the class! She was very positive and upbeat, and worked hard showing us each and every move leading by example. She also went around frequently to check our form and make sure we were doing each exercise correctly. For our prop this class, we used a stability disc to increase difficulty in our floor core workouts, as well as a balancing tool during our barre work. It also acted as a weight during our arm exercises. This turned out to be a very challenging class! The core work especially was difficult for me because of the way we incorporated the stability disc. When Liz was showing us the exercises they seemed simple enough, but looks can be deceiving! One glance around the room and you could tell it was challenging for all of us, however, so I did not feel ashamed or out of place. Liz just encouraged us that if we fall out of the exercise, to jump right back in. She was a great cheerleader for us all!  My Lululemon Mesh With Me Tank and If Your Lucky Pant was the perfect outfit for this class. I love wearing those pants to barre classes because they have a slight dancer-flare to them that I appreciate. Also, wearing this form-fitting tank and pant combination allows me to get a really good look at my body in the studio mirrors so I know that I am performing the exercises correctly. These are without a doubt my go-to barre class pieces.

Date: Tuesday, March 24th

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Location: Classic Pilates

Class: Vbarre

Instructor: Joann Cuccurullo

About: This is a non-stop, form focused and results driven barre class. Concentrating on fat burning and lengthening muscles, this ballet inspired workout will trim, tone, and transform your body. Weights, resistance bands, balls, and glide boards are used in this dynamic class. 

What Meggie Wore:
Top: Lululemon "Bonded Bra" in black c/o HERE similar HERE
Pants: Lululemon "Skinny Will Pant" *Full On Luon HERE

Thoughts: I went into this class thinking it would be more Pilates then barre, but it seemed to be the other way around. I think that was maybe a good thing though, because the Pilates equipment is very intimidating!  We used several props to target different body areas during our exercises. We started with a resistance band, focusing on our arms. We then progressed to a glide board, which I had never worked with before. Even though it was challenging, this was my favorite part! At one point we were “skating” back and forth across the board in our socks and it was so much fun! It was great to let off some steam while working up a sweat. After the glide board, we moved on to exercises on the barre with a ball, and finally finished with floor work and stretching. This barre class definitely felt the most ballet-inspired of all the barre classes I have taken thus far. In fact, one of the instructors in the studio is a former professional dancer.  I loved this aspect of the class because I was a dancer all my life, even through college, so that really took me back to my younger days. To this class I sported my Lululemon Bonded Bra and my Lululemon Skinny Will Pant. I enjoyed the look of this outfit, however I think that the Skinny Will Pant works much better in a yoga setting then a barre class. Because they are a bit loose on the bottom, I wanted to pull them up and create a make-shift capri all class! If you are a dancer, you know what I am talking about. It’s kind of a dancer’s signature look to have pulled up pants, particularly one leg, don’t ask me why! The bra, however, was great! Like I have said before, it is more of a short top then a bra, so I love it mixed with high waisted pants. It gives the perfect amount of coverage and support, while showing enough skin to cool you off through the duration of you workout.  I really liked this class and am already planning on taking it again next week. The studio is so close to my office, it is nice to be able to walk there straight after work. I really enjoyed working with Joann, who owns the studio, however this week it is taught by Veronica, so I am excited to work with someone new as well. Different instructors generally mean different workouts all together, so I like to spice things up!

Date: Wednesday, March 25th

Time: 7:45 p.m.

Location: Gaia Flow Yoga - Dallas Uptown

Class: Late Gentle Waves

Instructor: Nelly Perumean

About: Gental waves is a slow moving, healing and meditative experience focused on balance. The exercises are meant to clear the mind, calm the body, and sooth the spirit. 

What Meggie Wore:
Top: Lululemon "All Sport Bra" HERE
Pants: Lululemon "Skinny Will Pant" *Full On Luon HERE

Thoughts: I chose this class knowing my other classes last week were going to be intense. I was hoping this would be a nice, soothing class to stretch out my sore muscles and it did not disappoint! I was unaware when signing up, but this class was also a hot yoga experience. I have grown to really enjoy that aspect of the yoga classes I have taken, because I can appreciate clearing the toxins from my skin and body as I balance and meditate as well as clear the toxins from my mind and soul. I loved the slowed down pace of this class and the focus on meditation. Our instructor Nelly was amazing and really helped us all let go of the stress of the day and focus on our bodies. I enjoy yoga more and more for not only its exercise, but for its therapeutic properties as well. This was by far the most meditative yoga class I have taken thus far, and I really respected that aspect of it. Besides meditation, we focused a lot on balancing poses for longer periods of times, and gentle intermediate movements. Please don’t judge me, but I wore my Lululemon Skinny Will Pant for the second day in a row. I just love the feel of the Full On Luon fabric and it really helped to add to my relaxation during my yoga class. The fabric is also nice and stretchy, making it perfect for more challenging poses. I also sported my Lululemon All Sport Bra, which helped hold the girls in while I flowed into each movement. This spiritual yoga experience ended with a short stress relieving aromatherapy massage that kept me calm and centered for the rest of the night. It was the perfect way to refresh my body mid-week. Nelly is going to be in Mexico for the next two weeks, so I am anxious for her return so I can attend this class with her again.

Date: Thursday, March 26th

Time: 6:15 p.m.

Location: BEYOND Pedaling

Class: Cycling45

Instructor: Kelsey Howard

About: this is the signature class of BEYOND Pedaling. It is a fast-paced full body workout that is designed to change you inside and out. The motivational instruction, upbeat music, and candlelit room will leave you feeling energized, focused, empowered, and ready to go beyond! 

What Meggie Wore:
Top: Lululemon "Just Breathe Tank" in alberta lake/split pea c/o HERE
Pants: Lululemon "High Times Pant" in black/black HERE

Thoughts: Oh boy, was this class a challenge! I have never before taken a spinning class, so I was expecting it to be difficult, but this one literally kicked my butt! Although my Lululemon High Times pants were great at wicking sweat and nicely compressed my muscles while I worked them, I was bruised from the bicycle seat for about four days after this class. I definitely recommend wearing special padded cycling shorts or pants if you are new to spinning like I am. Believe me, your butt will thank you! The instructor, Kelsey, was full of life! I loved how into the moves and the music she was, because it took my concentration off of how badly my thighs were aching! She was constantly dancing to the beat and performed every exercise with us, encouraging us to push it to ourselves to our limits. I really appreciate when instructors lead by example, because then I feel like I know the correct form and speed of each exercise much better than if they were just calling it out. This class incorporated different moves on the stationary bike, inclines, and weights to work our arms as well. When you think of spinning, it tends to be more of a cardio and leg workout, so I loved how using the weights transformed it into a total body experience. The music was loud and fun, and the whole class was done in candlelight. I was thanking my lucky stars it was only 45 minutes, because I’m pretty sure I would have passed out from exhaustion if it lasted one second longer! Besides my trusty High Times Pant, I also sported my Lululemon Just Breath Tank. I loved this top for cycling because it was not clingy on my mid-section, which is nice when you are seated during the exercises. It also kept me cool during my workout and allowed me to move my arms freely during the weighted exercises. I am eager to try out this class again, especially because my friend Katie from the Northpark Lululemon is also an instructor at BEYOND. I am hoping to take her class ASAP!!

Top: Lululemon Mesh With Me Tank in"desert snake white silver fox/white" HERE
Jacket: Lululemon (old) similar HERE
Pants: Lululemon Skinny Will Pant *Full On Luon, in another color HERE
Shoes: Nike HERE
Sunnies: Karen Walker "Super Duper" HERE
Hair: Nume 32mm Magic Curling Wand HERE
Styling Products: Fave4hair Workable Wear HERE


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