Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Dress Ideas

Hello again all and happy Thanksgiving week! With this wonderful holiday only two short days away (crazy right?) I wanted to share with you all a little outfit inspiration for the turkey feast. Everyone seems to put a ton of time and effort into Christmas and Chanukah holiday party outfits, but for some reason Thanksgiving seems to be overlooked. I, for one, am a part of a pretty large gathering of friends and family this year, so I am pretty focused on looking my best but also being comfortable enough to go back for seconds...or maybe even thirds! I think the key to a great Thanksgiving outfit starts with a dress. You definitely do not want any buttons or zippers from pants or jeans crushing your oh-so-full belly. Also, wearing a dress is the easiest way to look like you put a ton of effort into your outfit, when you really just threw on one piece of clothing. I like to look for either sheath, shapeless, flowey dresses or a fit and flare style to disguise all the stuffing I plan on eating. I also think its important to keep the hemline as well as the neckline pretty modest because, after all, you are surrounded by family. I have similar dresses to the examples below, and I think any of them would be perfect for your Thanksgiving table. Have a great holiday everyone! Have an extra sliver of pie for me!

Thanksgiving Dress Ideas




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