Wednesday, June 18, 2014

One Kings Lane Reflect Your Style

Hello again lovelies! I have an exciting design post for you all today in collaboration with One Kings Lane, one of the top home decor sites out there, to contribute to their Reflect Your Style Campaign. The challenge was to choose one of their beautiful mirrors and design my dream vanity around it. Their products are just to die for, so you know I could not resist! They have so many options for all different styles, so it was difficult to pick just a few items but I thought I would go for something timeless and elegant. I am beyond confident that you could design your dream vanity with One Kings Lane no matter what your style may be. I hope you enjoy my picks and it inspires you to shop around and treat yourself to a glamorous primping space.

One Kings Lane Vanity

I chose to base my vanity around their beautiful Pinesdale mirror. I loved the vintage, French feel it had and I wanted to continue that vibe throughout the other components of my dream space.

You can also check out the other mirrors they have HERE because they are all so darling!

The next item I chose was this beautiful Gillian Table Lamp. I would love to have one on each side of the mirror to provide plenty of light for getting my hair and makeup perfect. I love the mix of hard and soft, textures I also like to mix in my clothing, so I thought it reflected my style perfectly.

I don't think there is any natural material more beautiful then marble, so my next two picks were no brainers. Tissues are a must for so many different things on my vanity and I think they look so much more glamorous in this lovely marble box. The tray is perfect for displaying makeup products I use everyday, or more high end products that have eye catching packaging. I love displaying my products in the open rather then hiding them away in drawers, so this tray would allow me to do that.

A waste basket is a must in a vanity space and this went with my French theme too perfectly to pass up. My trash never looked so good!

Finally, what vanity is complete without the perfect chair? I currently am using an old kitchen chair and I have been lusting over this one to replace it for ages! I love the tufts and the soft natural fabric. It brings such an elegance to the vanity space and makes me feel like a princess! Could you ask for anything more? I think not.

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A huge thank you to One Kings Lane for giving me the opportunity to create my dream virtual vanity! Please feel free to browse their Home Decor Handbook for fun inspiration photos and helpful styling tips.

If you are not yet a member at One Kings Lane, you can sign up HERE to fulfill all your home decor needs!


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  1. I love it! That mirror is stunning and everything you've chosen is wonderful!