Monday, April 14, 2014

Makeup Monday: Holy Grail Foundation

Hello again! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. We spent time with friends watching the Master's golf tournament (a huge deal for the Hubs) and prepping our home for my lovely friend Rachel and her boyfriend Fran's visit in just a few short days! I cannot wait to take them around Dallas and show them the many places Travis and I love. I will be sure to blog our adventures, especially so if any of y'all are not from Dallas and are curious where the locals like to go. 

For this Makeup Monday post, I wanted to talk about a newly discovered product of mine that has quickly become my favorite. As you all may know, I love to try out new foundations. I think different formulas have different finishes appropriate for different occasions. Some work well in pictures, others are oil controlling, and some have plenty of sunscreen for a hot summer day. In a basic foundation, I look for three major qualities:

The Overall Finish: Is it a matte finish? Satin? Luminous and dewy? Does it smooth over my imperfections or does it seem to make them more obvious. Does it look like skin?

The Coverage: Is it light, medium, or full coverage? Perhaps it is somewhere in between. Is it build able or is one coat the answer?

The Lasting Power: How it wears throughout the day. Does it last all day until I remove it? Does it start to fade and, if so, is it terribly noticeable or a natural fade?

This foundation seems to hit all the important points in my book for a foundation that would work well for almost every occasion. It is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup. The finish of the foundation is so unbelievably skin-like its incredible. It feels and looks weightless on the skin, just as it claims. It is specailly formulated with light reflecting spheres to make your skin look re-touched and flawless. It has a satin finish, not too dewy and not too matte. The coverage medium but build able. I can put one light coat on my whole face, and then a second just on my problem areas. It covers almost all imperfections, however you do still need a concealer for a blemish or under eye circles. Also, it does not sink into my pores or fine lines, it actually glides right over top and helps disguise them, which who doesn't love? As far as lasting power, it lasts all through my work day and then some. I feel like a work day is the ultimate test. I don't want to be wearing a foundation that looks great in the morning but is patchy by the time I am ready for happy hour, and basically non existent after dinner. The Naked Skin seems to last all day for me until I take it off, and If it does fade, it is not in a patchy obvious way. Also, it contains no SPF so it is perfect for pictures. I usually apply it with a synthetic kabuki brush, but it also applies extremely well with a Beauty Blender sponge. It is available in 18 different shades, so it is very easy to find your perfect match. The warm shades with yellow undertones end in a ".0" and the cooler shades with pink undertones end in ".5". I personally wear shade" 3.0". I would recommend this to anyone at any age! Because it is a lighter coverage, I can see this working well on younger women as well as more mature skin. I would only steer clear of it if you happened to be super oily, as you may need a more mattefying foundation. I personally have more combination skin, so I think it works well to control my oil in my "T" zone as well as on the dryer areas of my face. There is really nothing bad for me to say about this foundation. I love the finish, coverage, and lasting power so much I have been wearing it every day ever since I got it. I truly recommend this product and I would love to hear your opinion on it if you try it out yourself!

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup: at Sephora HERE


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