Thursday, March 13, 2014

Loose Wavy Curls Hair Pictorial

Hey guys! Today I have something very exciting to share with you all, a step by step pictorial of how I curl my hair! The awesome folks at Bellami Hair were kind enough to send me their new "Ciao Bella" curling wand to try out and let me tell you all...I have been loving it! It comes with three interchangeable titanium wand attachments (a 32mm clipless barrel, a 25mm clipped barrel, and a 19mm-25mm reverse clipless barrel) so you can switch up your style for every mood or occasion. The titanium barrels help the curls stay for days and prevent frizz without the aid of styling products.

 For this pictorial I chose to use the largest barrel (32mm) to get large, voluminous waves. I set it to the highest heat 430 degrees for maximum lasting power.

 First section your hair off. I usually section mine at ear level, and then pull the rest back into a clipped bun so it does not get in your way. Separate your loose hair in the middle and pull over your shoulders.

Brush each section to remove knots.  I am just using a teasing brush. Occasionally, for more volume, I will also back comb my hair at the root during this step.

Then spray with your favorite hairspray. I chose John Frieda Sheer Blonde because I love the holding power and it does not add color to the lighter pieces of my hair. Also, if I have second day hair, I will add some dry shampoo during this step as well.

It is now time to curl! I am starting from the back and wrapping one inch sections around the barrel. It is important for this look to wrap the hair away from your face, which is why we split this layer of our hair into two sections. I hold each section on the barrel for about 20 seconds and slowly let it go. Then repeat until you have curled your first layer of hair.

Yay! Layer one...CHECK!

Now undo your silly looking bun and separate off another layer of hair, from the temples down. Pull the rest of your hair back once again and split your loose layer into two sections over your shoulders. Move your already curled hair back behind your shoulders so it does not get in the way. 


See? All our uncurled hair is in the front, and the curled hair is hidden behind my shoulders.

Now we repeat our brushing, teasing, spraying, and curling steps. Once again, start from the back and move to the front, always wrapping the hair away from your face. 

Alright we are on the last layer! I usually do about three layers with this size barrel, but with the other, smaller barrels I tend to stretch it to four layers.

The top is slightly different only because we do not curl all the way up to the root on this layer. I like to leave about two inches from the start of the wand to the root of my hair to prevent burning my scalp and strange looking creases in my hair.

When you have finished all the curls, brush through it slightly to break them up and turn them into loose, sexy waves. I like to flip my hair over and hairspray just a bit right after I brush. 

Spray, fluff, and enjoy your voluminous, sexy curls!

 Ciao Bella Curling Wand from Bellami HERE


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  1. Are you wearing bellami hair extensions in these photos? If so, what color are they?