Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Trips With Friends

Hello again! So sorry for my little hiatus from the blog last week but the Hubs and I were vacationing with friends in the beautiful Winter Park, Colorado! It was so relaxing and fun to spend Travis' birthday surrounded by people that we love and such breathtaking scenery. Travis and the guys had such an awesome time snowboarding, while the girls and the kiddos hung back at the house the first few days. Most of the girls, including myself, decided to get on the mountain on Friday. Sadly though, I only got to hit the ski slopes one day because I took a nasty spill and sprained my knee! Luckily, ski patrol helped me down the rest of the way. It was pretty embarrassing at first but the guys helping me out were so nice and did everything they could to keep me laughing. I've been busy icing and hobbling around the past few days but I feel like my knee is improving and Travis and all our sweet friends were so helpful taking care of me. I cannot thank them enough!

 I hope you all had an amazing weekend and I'll to you again tomorrow! 


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