Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy 22nd To My Bro

Hello again! I wanted to take time today to talk about someone very special to me, my little brother Michael. It is his 22nd birthday today and I just want to wish for him the best birthday yet! 


It is such an honor to be your sister and beyond great to have such an awesome guy for a little bro. I am so proud of all the choices you have made over the years. It has been so fun watching you grow from a baby into a young man and it's so hard to believe your college graduation is just around the corner. I adore being your sister and I love you so much! Have an amazing birthday Mike!!!

Happy Birthday Mike!!!


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  1. Such a sweet tribute to Schubes17. He's a doll; there's no doubt about it. Hope you're having a great day, Mike. xo