Monday, November 11, 2013

Makeup Monday: Foundation Application Tools And Brushes

Hello again! Happy Monday everyone. I know its been a rough start to the week so far for me (I am exhausted)  but I am hoping you are all in much better shape then I am. Today for my Makeup Monday post I wanted to discuss with you my favorite tools and brushes for applying foundation. I use a few different brushes, mostly because I like to use a clean brush every time to help cut down on spreading acne causing bacteria. I do have a favorite but the other brushes are great for other products as well, which is why I recommend them. Lets begin with my favorite.

My first foundation brush, as well as my favorite, that I want to rave about is the Sigma F-80 Flat Kabuki. This brush is made with Synthetic Sigmax™ fibers for the ideal application of cream and liquid products to the flatter areas of the face, such as the forehead and cheeks. It is perfect for buffing on foundation and leaves a flawless, streak free finish every time. It is also extremely quick at blending so it takes minimal time to apply your foundation. I like use swirling motions to buff as well as a light stippling technique to disguise brush strokes. 

The second brush I would like to discuss is the Sigma F-84 Angled Kabuki. This is my next favorite blending brush. It is also composed of  Synthetic Sigmax™ fibers for the ideal application of cream and liquid products, but is geared more toward the unsmooth areas, such as around the nose. It also works especially well at blending out cream bronzers to the contours of the face at the nose, forehead, and cheekbones. I prefer this brush for my cream bronzer applications, but it works very well at blending foundation as well, I just find it takes a bit more time to achieve that flawless finish then with the F-80. 

The third brush I recommend is the Sigma F-82 Round Kabuki. Again, it is made up of Synthetic Sigmax™ fibers, but this brush is especially designed for buffing in mineral powder products. I personally like to use this for my powder foundations when I wear them, as well as cream blushes, but it also works extremely well for cream and liquid foundations. 

The final brush I would like to discuss is the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. This brush is composed of ultra plush synthetic taklon bristles for the ideal application of liquid and cream products. I personally like this brush for extremely liquid foundations because it is not quite as dense as the other brushes. It also drys quickly (in about 12 hours) when I deep clean it, while the Sigma brushes take 24 hours to fully dry. It is great at blending, specifically if you use a buffing motion followed by a stippling motion, but it does take a bit longer to blend smoothly then the Sigma brushes. It is however about half the price, so it is a great option if you are just starting out with makeup.

The last application tool I have for review is actually a sponge. It is called the Beauty Blender, and it has changed the way I apply makeup.  The Beauty Blender is the first ergonomically designed non-disposable sponge applicator used to flawlessly apply makeup. The unique shape allows it to get into hard to reach places of the face while still leaving a completely smooth and even finish. This is by far my favorite tool. I use it right after I apply foundation with any of the above brushes just to clean up any brush strokes. I also love it for blending in concealer, which is what I mainly use it for. Before use, you slightly dampen the sponge and wring out excess water. This will cause the Beauty Blender to double in size. The water not only helps to blend products, but also prevents the sponge from picking up too much extra foundation. It also leaves a refreshing feeling on the face. I believe this gives a great medium to full coverage application, but that the brushes give a much fuller application of product, which is why I normally just uses this as a finishing step of foundation and mainly for concealer. I have tried many drug store dupes of this sponge, and NOTHING compares to the real deal, so save your money!

Sigma Flat Kabuki F-80 HERE
Sigma Angled Kabuki F-84 HERE
Sigma Round Kabuki F-82 HERE
Sigma Sigmax Kabuki Kit 5 Brushes (with two additional brushes not discussed) HERE
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush HERE
Beauty Blender HERE



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  1. Heloo, nice to read this post every brush i want is here! 😊
    In Indonesia, the price is almost same. What do you think which I should bought for the best one? Thankyou.