Monday, October 21, 2013

My New Business

Hello everyone and happy Monday. Today I wanted to share with you a recent business opportunity that I am now a part of. The wonderful doctors who created the Proactiv® Solution (arguably the best over the counter acne treatment out there) have entered the ever-growing world of anti-aging. The line is called Rodan+Fields and it was the top seller at Nordstrom’s until they pulled it for direct sales thinking word of mouth could grow their business faster.  They have four main product lines to aid any skin issue:

(for anti-age and their best seller)

(for sun damage and dark spots) 

(for sensitive skin and redness)

(for acne, specifically adult acne)

I have recently been testing out a few of there products and I am absolutely loving them! Now and again I will do some posts on specific product reviews so you can understand my thoughts and honest opinions. Not everyone has the same skin problems or skin type, so what I think is amazing may not work for you, and something that I don't particularly care for may be one of your Holy Grail staples. I personally like to use a mix of products from both the Redefine and Unblemished regimens. They truly have become some of my Holy Grail products and my skin has not been this soft and clear in a very long time.

I love how great the products are, but I also love that they are so easy to order.  It is all done online and shipped to your house within days. They also have a 60 day return policy where you can return any or all of your products for a full refund if you didn’t like them.  Empty bottles and all!  Great customer service!

Feel free to browse the products HERE and if you are interested in ordering, you may want to check out the link HERE for a 10% discount on every order, free shipping on orders over $80, as well as full time access to the Rodan+Fields on staff nurses. They can help with any questions you may have as well as any skin concerns or issues. Please email me if you have any additional questions, want help figuring out what to order, or just want to talk about it! There is a great tool HERE that will show you what will work best for your skin. Also see real results HERE and feel free to even google it on the internet and you will see how wonderful it is.  Don’t forget to check out the PC Perks (preferred customer) and Pricing, it really does make a difference with no risk! 



  1. That is a great business! Beauty products always seem to be in demand. So you are ensured that you will have a steady customer base. It’s a huge plus that you've partnered with a good team. At least you're sure that whatever problems you face, you'd always have someone to count on.

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match