Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Best Spent Minute In Skincare

Ok guys, so I have some exciting news! Rodan & Fields is about to celebrate the re-release of their best selling product system at 10:00 a.m. PDT tomorrow to PC's (preferred customers) and will be available permanently for retail sales January 2014. The retail price of the system is $200.00, but the with the special PC offer, tomorrow's price will be $156.00! The skin care system is comprised of two things,  the AMP MD™ tool and the Night Renewing Serum.  The system is an additional part to the Redefine Regimen. All Rodan & Fields products are based on a philosophy of Multi-Med® Therapy—using the right medicines and active cosmetics, in the right formulations, in the right order.  The patent-pending AMP MD™is a non-invasive, skincare roller clinically proven to safely and effectively exfoliate the uppermost layer of the skin. It contains 200 surgical grade stainless steel acupuncture-type needles that slightly puncture the top layer of your skin allowing products to seep into the deeper layers, essentially making the products work quicker and more effectively. The AMP also helps train your skin to heal faster by slightly damaging it, causing cell turnover and colligen to increase and deep set wrinkles to fade. When used, it feels much like a cat's tongue, just a bit dry and rough, but using too much pressure is not recommended (it is also not recommended for people with VERY sensitive skin). It is to be used for ONE minute after face wash and toner, but before any creams or moisturizers are applied. Following the AMP MD™tool is the other part of the AMP MD™System, the Night Renewing Serum. This little blue capsule of amazingness is packed with retinol and other anti-aging medicines to combat wrinkles, soften, and quickly heal the skin you have just lightly punctured. 

The AMP MD™ was the first tool the Dr. Rodan & Dr.  Fields created for their anti-aging line. Recognizing that this system not only works on wrinkles, but post acne marks and stretch marks, dermatologists started using it in their offices. Because of this, the FDA had to determine whether this was a medical device, or in fact a cosmetic device. While testing was going on, the doctors decided to discontinue sales of the AMP. Testing is now complete and the AMP has been declared a cosmetic device! YAY!!! (that means we can all use it, not just doctors)

I am personally so psyched for this release! I currently use the Night Renewing Serum as part of my new routine (which I have done faithfully for over a month now) and I have to say it is my absolute FAVORITE R&F product! Retinal, I find, works really well with my skin because it not only combats wrinkles by increasing cell turnover, it helps fight acne and fades my dark acne marks as well. Over the past month my skin has changed. It's gotten softer, much much clearer, and my post acne marks have faded tremendously. I cannot wait to see how much quicker my skin will respond to these products once I add in the "best spent minute in skin care" the AMP MD!!!!

The AMP MD System will be available at the discounted price of $156.00 only for R&F Preferred Customers tomorrow October 24th at 10:00 a.m. PDT through October 31st 11:59 p.m. PDT. In order to become a PC, you are required to purchase $80 worth of product BEFORE your AMP MD order, so the time to act is now! The System contains the reusable AMP MD roller, a two month supply of the Night Renewing Serum, a reusable Cleansing Vial and  a two month supply of the Purification Tablets. It is designed to work with the entire Redefine regimen, so that would be a smart first PC purchase. When using the products together, you will see in ONE month what would normally take SIX!!! That is how amazing this tool and system really is!

To sign up to be a PC to get your discounted AMP MD, click HERE. Remember, being a PC guarantees you a 10% discount on every order, free shipping on orders over $80, auto-ship every 60 days with a delay option for no penalty,  as well as full time access to the Rodan+Fields on staff nurses.

Below is the Redefine regimen lineup, including the Night Renewing and Lip Renewing Serums, that you would use in conjunction with the AMP MD.


Comment with thoughts or questions please!



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