Monday, August 12, 2013

Vanity Room

Hello again my lovely followers. I have for you today a post that I have been holding back from showing you. I really don't want to seem spoiled or like I am trying to "show off", I simply want to share my decor with you all. We currently live in a three bedroom town home style apartment and we have VERY limited closet space. In an effort to change that, our friends/previous owners have turned one of the spare bedrooms into an ideal dream closet for any girl. To expand on this idea, I added my own touches of a repurposed vanity and used wall space as accessory storage. I went with a Tiffany blue and light pink color scheme with accessories, but kept most things neutral. In the future, I may paint a few walls and add some framed artwork, but for now, it is a work in progress. The vanity, coincidently enough, is an old architectural drafting desk. Although this would have been perfect as an actual desk through school, I really do not take my work home with me, so a vanity was a much better use for it. I covered the top in a fun Anthropologie towel and used Pottery Barn mercury glass jars and gift boxes for storage. I have been slightly obsessed with makeup/beauty products lately, so my collection has become quite large. For the walls, I simply used push pins to hold up my various necklaces and bird cages from my wedding to display the earrings. I hope you enjoy the way I have decorated this truly girlie room! 

Mercury Glass Accessories: Pottery Barn here
Towels: Anthropologie here
"M" Mug: Anthropologie here
Floor Lamp: IKEA here
Table Lamp: IKEA here
Make Up Mirror: Ulta here
Wall Mirror: Wisteria here
Decorative Bird Cages: Amazon here

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  1. I love how the necklaces are all on display like that. All of mine are folded up inside a jewelry organizer and I always forget what I even own when picking out an outfit because sometimes I just don't want to take the effort to sift through everything when I'm in a rush.
    The room is lovely & it's so nice to have a place to put all of your favorite things. Have fun continuing to decorate it!

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