Wednesday, July 03, 2013

No Buy July

Hey guys! It's my favorite kind of Wednesday today...the end of my work week! I am so excited to enjoy this 4th of July holiday weekend. Do you have any exciting plans? The Hubs and are spending some time with our friends tonight and watching the fireworks here in Dallas tomorrow. Anyway, I forgot to tell y'all about my plans for this month. I am putting myself on a "no buy" for the month of July (how perfect is it that it rhymes?!?!) which means I can only buy absolute necessities. I am making a conscious effort to save some money for a few furniture pieces I have had my eye in for a while. I'll show you pictures of them below and I could use all the advice and support you have to offer, since shopping is my favorite hobby. I think it will be good for me to sit back and enjoy the things I already have and it will help me appreciate the money I work hard to make that much more. Have you ever done anything like this? Please share your experience!! 

All furniture pieces from Restoration Hardware

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