Monday, July 29, 2013

DIY Dried Flowers

Hey guys, happy Monday! Today I wanted to share with you a fun DIY post. The Hubs is pretty good about surprising me with flowers on special occasions. I love getting fresh flowers, but they can be a bit expensive and they really only stay alive and kickin for a short while. So, in order to keep my house decorated and keep the memories of these flowers alive, I often dry them. It's relatively easy to dry flowers as long as you have a bit of patience, and have the right flowers. I have tried a few different kinds, but I loved the effect of roses and hydrangeas best. 

First, I remove the flowers from the vase just as they begin to slightly wilt. Then, I take a wire hanger and attach strings of twine at various lengths. Next I tie the twine around the bottom of each stem, being careful that the flowers don't touch. Then I hang them in a guest closet/bathroom for two weeks, spraying them about every three days with a bit of hairspray to keep the shape and color. Finally, I remove them once they feel completely dry and I cut off any unpleasant leaves or petals. I hope you enjoy this decor post!