Monday, June 17, 2013

Night Time Skin Care Routine

Hey all and Happy Monday! As promised, I have for you today the second part of my everyday skincare routine, my night time ritual. It may seem like a bunch of steps, but I really think it is the combo of some products that really help out my skin. Like I said before, my skin is very tricky, so you may not need all these steps, and even I don't do them all every day. I just thought it would be most beneficial if I listed them all so you could pick and choose which ones work for you. Enjoy!

Step 1 Make Up Removal And Cleanser:

Dove Sensitive Skin Soap

Michael Todd True Organics Honey And Oat Deep Pore Cleanser

Kleenex Hand Towels

I have been washing my face with Dove Sensitive Skin Soap for as long as I can remember. I still use it to this day to help remove all my makeup before I cleanse, so I can really scrub deep with my cleanser without pushing that dirty makeup up into my pores.

After all my makeup is removed, I scrub my face with this gentle cleanser, Michael Todd True Organics Honey And Oat Deep Pore Cleanser. It does not foam up too much, but it smells amazing, like lemons and other citrus fruits, and it really leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. 

Step 2 Toner:

Michael Todd True Organics Blue Green Algae Antibacterial Toner

 Like I stated in my Morning routine, I really love this toner. The Michael Todd True Organics Blue Green Algae Antibacterial Toner works really well to remove any dirt and makeup that my cleansers left behind and helps guard my skin against future breakouts.

Step 3 Serums:

 Retinol Anti Wrinkle Facial Serum

Michael Todd True Organics Antioxidant Carrot Multivitamin Serum

 Again, Like I said in my morning routine post, I consider these products crucial in helping control my acne as well as preventing wrinkles. I think vitamin A is a miracle vitamin when it comes to skin and is essential for cell turnover, keeping acne at bay and keeping skin looking fresh and young.

Step 4 Moisturizer:

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil

Again, this is a repeat product from my morning routine, however i use much more of it at night. I find it to be extremely moisturizing and it leaves my skin baby soft when I wake up. It really helps to reduce my acne scars, so those are the areas I focus the product on.

Step 5 Eye Moisturizer

Tarte 100% Pure Maracuja Oil

I love to use this oil in place of a night eye cream. Sometimes if I use a heavy eye cream at night my eyes tend to be extremely puffy in the morning. I find that this oil does not cause puffiness yet really helps keep the skin around my eyes hydrated.

Step 6 Treat:

Benzoyl Peroxide Spot Treatment

Any 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Cream will do, I happen to have the Walgreens brand on hand. This stuff is very potent and I cannot go overboard with it or my skin gets an itchy rash and my eyes swell up, but this really is the best thing for a spot treatment. I use it when I feel a pimple coming, I just put it right on the spot at night and it helps heal it much more quickly by morning.

The next couple of products I use just once a week to exfoliate my skin and clarify the impurities

Michael Todd True Organics Tropical Fruit Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub

This scrub works really well to remove all my dead skin yet is very gentle and not at all drying. The smell is also amazing, I love it!

Michael Todd True Organics Rose Petal Vitamin C Gel Facial Mask

I love this mask because it is very cooling and soothing when you apply it and it makes your skin feel so fresh and new when you wash it off.

The following is a new product that I have been trying out. I like it a lot so far, but it is really expensive (I got it on sale for 60% off) so I will keep using it and let you know if its worth the price.

Michael Todd True Organics Knu New You Cream

This cream is what the brand is most famous for. It is supposed to clear up acne and be a face lift in a jar, so we shall see....

All Michael Todd products found here 
All Tarte products available at Sephora or Ulta or online here
Retinol serum available at Ulta
Jose Maran Oil available at Sephora
Benzoyl Peroxide Cream and Dove Soap available at any drugstore

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