Friday, June 14, 2013

Day Time Skin Care Routine

Hey all! So I know this is a bit late but I have a two part post for you this time. It has been a while since I shared some of my skin care routine and many products have changed in the more recent months so I decided to do an updated post. Today is going to be my day time routine, which is a bit different from my nighttime one, however a few products remain the same.

I will start this off by saying that I have extremely complicated skin. It is oily in my T zone area, but extremely dry everywhere else. It is very sensitive to harsh products and I tend to get rashes, red bumps, mild acne, or cystic acne if I am allergic to a certain ingredient in the product. Also, I am at the point in my life (late twenties) where I still suffer from acne, yet I am trying hard to prevent wrinkles, so some of my products do both. Recently, I have been using these products and have noticed a huge difference including a reduction in my acne, fading of my acne scars, and my skin remaining moisturized throughout the day and not getting dry and flaky. I'll go through and list my routine step by step explaining the products I use, what I use them for, and why I love them.

Step 1 Cleanser:

Michael Todd True Organics Skin Defender

Kleenex Hand Towels

So I am a frequent watcher of Youtube beauty tutorials and I had been hearing so much about a brand called Michael Todd. What intrigued  me most was that the products were aloe based instead of water, contained no harsh chemicals, and were almost 100% natural and organic. Since my skin is very sensitive, I decided to give some of their products a try, and I ended up LOVING almost all of them! 

The first step in my morning routine is to cleanse my face. I have pretty dry skin, so I have been using this creamy wash called the Michael Todd True Organics Skin Defender to help nourish it throughout the day. I love how silky smooth my skin feels after I was it, and the smell is pretty pleasant as well.  All in all it is a great product and I certainly believe it does it's job at keeping my skin moisturized. Also, because I am acne prone I no longer dry my face off with a towel. To help reduce the spread of bacteria I have been using these Kleenex Hand Towels instead. I feel like this change has also helped dramatically and I love that I can just use the towel to wipe off the counter afterwords, because I always get the entire counter soaking wet when I was my face.

Step 2 Toner:

Michael Todd True Organics Blue Green Algae Toner

Step two in my routine has recently been toner. I hadn't used toners in years because they are normally filled with alcohol and harsh chemicals and tend to really irritate my face. This toner is very VERY different. It has natural antibacterial properties in the algae instead of harsh chemicals, helps the balance the PH levels of my face, and does not burn the skin whatsoever. Since using this product I have not only noticed the amount of pimples I get has severely decreased into almost nothing, but I have also noticed my T zone is less oily and my cheeks much less dry due to the balancing properties. I highly recommend this product, definitely a holy grail product in my routine.

Step 3 Serum:

Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Facial Serum

Michael Todd True Organics Antioxidant Carrot Multivitamin Serum

I have been using retinol (vitamin A) products for years to help with my acne, but a bonus to them is that they also help with wrinkles! I never thought there could be something that does both, but THIS IS IT! I have been using this retinol serum for a few months now and it does not dry out my skin whatsoever, but it has helped fade my acne scars tremendously. Also, the Michael Todd Carrot Serum contained more vitamins that aid in the same cause. This serum, however, is creamy and works perfect for me as a daytime moisturizer. Both of these products are holy grail status in my book and I cannot live without them.

Step 4 Moisturize:

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil

I cannot say enough good things about this product! I LOVE IT!!!! This is seriously the best product on the market for dry skin. It is a non-comedogenic oil high in vitamin E, which is amazing for healing scars and skin and vitamin A and vitamin E work together even better then alone. It leaves your skin feeling so soft and it is not at all greesey. You only need the tiniest bit because a little really goes a long way. I use much much more at night then in the mornings, but I like to put it on any dryness or scarring that I may have in the mornings to aid in healing throughout the day.

Step 5 Eye Cream:

Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment

Michael Todd True Organics Eye-O-Sonic

Eye cream is the next step for me in the mornings. Lately, I have been loving this Tarte High Performance Naturals product because it is also mostly naturals and it seems to be the ONLY eye cream I have tried that has not given me little red bumps underneath my eyes. I have been using it with the Michael Todd Eye-O-Sonic which is a tool that vibrates to help de-puff your eyes and help your eye cream really sink into your skin. Both are such great eye products!

Step 6 Prime and Protect:

Tarte Clean Slate Poreless 12 Hour Perfecting Primer

L'Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur

For me, priming my face before makeup is a major step. It helps to reduce oil production, even out my skin, hide my pores, and it helps prevent my foundation form sinking into my skin, keeping it clear. I seriously love this primer from Tarte high Performance Naturals. It is amazing at keeping my makeup in place and is necessary for me ESPECIALLY when trying out a new foundation because even if the foundation has something in it that may break me out, the primer helps to keep it above the surface and the breakout will me much much less severe. When I know I am going to be spending hours outside,  I like to add sunscreen to my routine. I do not wear this everyday because the foundations I wear in the daytime have an SPF of 15, but for the days where I know I will be out for a long time, I like to add a little extra. This L'Oreal product is great because it feels like a primer, but has the sun screen element built in AND it doesn't leave your face shiny like normal sunscreen instead it has a matte finish.

Step 7 Set:

MAC Fix +

In the warmer months especially, setting your makeup is essential for me. Many setting products contain high amounts of alcohol, which is not good for your skin, but this gem from MAC does not, its instead packed full of vitamins! I really like this stuff, it helps my makeup last all day and leaves me with a dewey finish, so it is great to use if you apply powder to your face because it helps tone it down and make it look much more like skin. 

All Michael Todd products found here 
All tare products available at Sephora or Ulta or online here
Retinol serum available at Ulta
Jose Maran Oil available at Sephora
Kleenex and L'Oreal product available at any drugstore

Thank you so much I really hope you enjoyed this post, and lookout Monday for my night time routine!


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