Monday, March 18, 2013

Sweaters And Milk Maid Braids

Hello again and happy Friday! I am so excited for this weekend to begin. Today I have for you the casual and comfortable outfit I wore last night to go out to the movies with the Hubster. We went to see Oz, the Great and Powerful, and let me tell was AWESOME! The 3D effects were so cool and seeing it in IMAX really made you feel a part of the action. Also, this weekend it was so fun to celebrate St. Patrick's day with all of our close friends. I hope you had a great holiday as well, Irish or not! Today is a very special day, it is my dad's and my maid of honor/great friend Rachel's birthday! I am a bit upset I am not in Houston or Philly to celebrate either day, but I do wish them a wonderful birthday! love you both so much!!!!

Sweater: Banana Republic, similar here 
Jeans: Gap, similar here
Shoes: Tori Burch, here
Necklace, Anthrolopologie, here

 Here are some close-ups of my hair, I just did a braid on each side and them wrapped them around and pinned them to the top of my head.  Enjoy!


  1. Wow, I love this outfit! You totally rock it. And your hair is beautiful as well, great post Meghan! <3

  2. You look so pretty! and that hairstyle looks amazing!