Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Christmas Eve


Hello everyone, just wanted to give you a little peak at my family! We took these pictures in Houston on Christmas Eve after a wonderful mass while we were waiting for the rest of our lovely family to arrive. We are all standing outside of Macaroni Grill, which happened to be a great place to go because our little nephews could draw all over the table, and a few of the "big kids" did some drawings too. Our nephew Liam asked Travis to draw a horse, which ended up looking like a dog-guinea pig mix, but we all can't be Leonardo da Vinci. It was so fun celebrating Christmas with my parents Joel and Barbara, my in-laws Ralph and M.C., my brother Mike, Travis's brother Todd, his wife Tracy, and our nephews Liam, Jeremiah, and Zachary, and a new little Frue on the way because Tracy is around 5 months pregnant! Todd, Tracy and the boys traveled all the way from Minneapolis so we could all spend Christmas together, and they actually stopped in Dallas yesterday on their drive back to grab lunch with Travis and I. It was so great to spend so much time with our family these past couple of weeks and Travis and I both are so grateful for all their love and support. I hope you enjoy!

My Hubbie and I

My Hubbie and I

My Dad, Mom, brother Mike, and I

My Dad, Mom, brother Mike, and I

 Travis, Mike, and I 



  1. Awe, it sounds like you had a really special time with your family! How wonderful.

  2. Replies
    1. I know right!?!? Its like you can't even recognize me. Lets NOT chop it all off again though...

  3. What a pretty dress! You look beautiful!