Monday, December 10, 2012

Studs And Feathers

Casual Friday With A Twist

Hello again and happy Monday! I hope you all had a great and relaxing weekend, I know I did! So I am so so appreciative of your comments about my last post. You all are so sweet and I love hearing your feedback. I really am still considering the hair color, but I think for now I am going to keep the ombre (the hubs likes my natural color better, he kinda talked me out of it, at least for a little while longer). Anyway, I would like to share with you my casual Friday outfit. Im not to sure if spiked collars are the most appropriate thing to wear to the office, but what can I say, I live on the edge. I was not even going to post this outfit but I went out to lunch with my co workers and got at least 5 different compliments on it, so I knew we had a winner. The funny thing about it is this collar isn't even a shirt, its a bib! It's like a half shirt that stops right before my chest, so you can pretty much only wear it under things. It sounds crazy, but I love it because it does not get all bunched up in tighter fitting sweaters and it lays much flat then just a collar-necklace, and for only $13 I couldn't pass it up. 

Blazer: Bebe, similar here and here
Sweater: Gap, similar here
Jeans: Forever 21here
Bib/Collar: Forever 21 here
Necklace: Urban Outfitters, similar here
Shoes: Steve Madden, similar here


  1. Love the pink heels with this outfit! It's kind of sweet that he likes your natural colour....

    1. I thought so too, he likes me just the way I am...I must have gotten a winner! Thanks so much for your lovely comments as always Caroline!

  2. LOVE that blazer!! Paired with the collar & bright shoes its just ten times better too!!
    You are ever trendy my dear.
    XOX Angela

  3. Words cannot describe how much I love this outfit! Love love love!

    Please follow me and I shall follow back!
    Hope we can be friends!

    Tifa! XX

  4. Oh my! Those Shoes are fab! Im now following you :) xx

    1. Thanks so much, I love them too. Following as well