Thursday, November 15, 2012

Circles, Bags, And Puffiness

Tired Eyes

Hello Followers. Today I would like to discuss something I,and most people, struggle with; puffy eyes and under eye circles. I have tried many different methods to de-puff and reduce darkness, but here are some of my favorites. Some are natural, some are common over the counter solutions, andsome are a little strange, but all of them are effective.

I would like to start off with my over the counter solutions. I have two different eye-rollers here, one form E.L.F. and one from Garnier. The E.L.F. one I have purchased is called the “eye refresh” and is packed with caffeine and other vitamins to awaken and stimulate the eye area.  It goes on and immediately gives you a pleasant cooling sensation. I love this one for everyday use under my make up because it is such a quick fix. The Garnier  “skin renewal anti dark circle roller” is also great. Again, packed with caffeine and vitamins, but this one also has a hint of color and comes in two shades.  I personally have pretty dark circles so the color is not enough to cover them completely, but this would do the trick if your circles were very mild. Also, I love to use this one on either particular bad days when I know my corrector and concealer will not be enough, or on weekends when I need to run out for a quick errand and want to look awake without putting on a full face of make up.

The next set of solutions I have are things you can keep in your freezer constantly and then just take out on a particularly puffy day. These do not help much with under eye circles, but are great de-puffers. One is the basic facemask I am sure you have seen before, and the other is a spoon. It may sound a bit strange, but putting two metal spoons in your freezer and then using the back of them against your eyes is a great way to reduce swelling almost instantaneously. Once I have used my spoons, I just put a new pair infor the next time.


The third set of remedies are natural ones. Lukewarm teabags (especially chamomile tea or green tea) are great ways to solve the problem of your tired eyes. The caffeine and vitamins not only de-puff,  but increase blood flow to the area, helping to erase dark circles. Cucumber slices are also great. They are packed with vitamins and provide an instant cooling sensation, making you look more alert and ready for the day.


I know you have heard about my final set of quick fixes before, and I know they are strange, but I am here to tell you they really work!  Preparation H is like a miracle puffy eye corrector. It immediately fixes the problem, however it is not good to use if you are acne prone. It is mainly petroleum jelly, but also contains mineral as well as other oils. I like to put it on 5 minutes before I shower or wash my face, that way I get rid of the oil but still get the de-puffing benefits. Another great solution is Vaseline. It is pure petroleum jelly, so it works almost as well as Preparation H, but it is non comedogenic (won't clog pores) so it is fine to use on any skin type.

I hope you enjoyed my advice on solving your stubborn tired eyes and it can help you look more awake for mornings to come.


  1. Thanks for your advices! I've also a problem with eye circles, I HATE THEM! I've never thought about the spoon, I'm going to try it ahah

    thanks for the follow ;) I've followed you back!

    1. No Problem! I hate them too. The spoon is one of my favorites.

  2. Oh man, I needed this post today. I'm going on 4 hours sleep and I don't even want to look in the mirror..... Excellent post.