Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A Tricky Time Of Year

What Sale Styles To Splurge On And What To Skip

If you are like me and have been out shopping lately, you know what I'm talking about. It's that time of year again where the season is changing and all you want to do is get new clothes for fall, but after checking the price tag, those spring styles on the sale rack can be much more tempting to buy. Hopefully, I can help you pick the right styles that can be worn in any season.


There are always a few key pieces that are popular in the summer, and then the leftovers go on sale, but you can guarantee they will be around every spring and summer to come. Some of those include:

1. White blazers
2. White jeans
3. Khakis or light colored dress pants
4. White or light colored pencil skirts

I would say to splurge on any of those pieces that you find and fall in love with, they will always be in style any summer, but should probably be retired from your wardrobe in the fall and winter seasons

Trends To Carry Over To Fall:

It seems that there were a few summer trends that will not be forgotten about in the months to come. Some of these pieces you may be lucky enough to snatch up on sale. Some of those include:

1. Colored jeans

This summer trend was amazing and I see no end in site! sure most stores are offering darker or jewel toned colors for fall (mustard yellow, kelly green, maroon, plum, jade) but the bright colors are still out there! if you are lucky enough to see a mint green or coral on the racks, I would snatch it up ASAP! Those paler colors can be mixed with charcoal gray, dark tan, or coordinating jewel tones to make the look more fall. Also, you can always pair with knee high boots so that less color is showing.

2. Dark colored shorts

Shorts in the fall? I know, crazy...but I think that this fall, dark colored shorts mixed with black, brown, or dark colored tights is a must have! Color on bottom and neutral on top has been big this year all around, so scoop up those black shorts, throw on some jewel toned tights, and slip on your favorite boots!

3. Chambray shirts

These denim colored shirts were SO big with the colored jean trend, if those jeans are sticking around, so should these tops! To warm it up for fall, layer a fun sweater over top. I also love to button them all the way up and then use a fun, chunky statement necklace almost as a tie! Try a broche instead also. The fact that the sparkle is so close to your face draws attention to it, and who doesn't love that!

4. High-low anything

I strongly feel that darker colored high-low skirts will still be around. mixing bottoms like that with tights is always an easy way to make it look more fall. Also, the high-low shirts will be great with leggings and boots.

5. Peplums

I personally love this trend and I don't think it is going anywhere which is great because they look SOOOO good with tight black pants or a pencil skirt, just try to buy in a neutral or fall color. If it is short sleeve or sleeveless, just pair with a fun fall jacket. in my opinion, jackets are the easiest way to make a short sleeve shirt from summer last through the fall.

6. Embellished collars

If you are lucky enough to find a long sleeved button down with an embellished collar...SNATCH THAT UP! I see no end to this trend. 

7. Neon

I still see this around in both tops, pants, ans accessories.  Use it a bit more as an accent piece then a main clothing item and I see this trend lasting through fall.

8. Maxi skirt or dress, in a dark color

Why not? So long and warm, especially with tights or a jacket, its the perfect fall look. Even layer a chunky sweater over a maxi dress to give the appearance of just a long skirt.

Spring Trends To Leave In The Past:

There are a few spring trends that I just think you should skip on picking up because they wont work for fall, and chances are they will not be around next spring. 

1. Ombre Shorts or light colored ombre pants

We have all seen the ombre bleaching that has been popular, and honestly, I cannot say if it is going to last another season or not, so my advice is to skip on this item in the sale rack

2.  Pastel Floral

Lots of pastel floral skirts and dresses were around this spring and summer. it is a tough item to carry to fall, and I cannot predict if it will stick around for next spring 

3. Pastel Blazers

I personally think that the bright colors (red, cobalt blue, mustard yellow) are the colored blazers that we will see around for fall, and the pastel ones are a bit to light to carry over. try a pastel or neon top instead with a darker colored blazer if you just love those colors so much.

 4. Crop Tops

I purchased most of my crop tops last year, and I wore them again this year with high waisted items. I loved a bit of mid drift showing, but its just not practical in fall weather. I love this trend so hopefully it is around next spring, but it is too close to call (I think I watched too much of the election news last night)

5.  Clothes with cut-outs

You will just look cold. Don't do it. 

Must Haves To Pick Up At Full Price 

I'm no fashion expert, but these are my must-have pieces this fall:

1. Jewel toned jeans


2. Jewel toned tights


3. Nude-colored sweater

(Banana Republic)

4. Collar necklace or an embellished collared shirt


5. Chunky statement necklace

6. Camel knee-high boots
 (Anthropologie, Steve Madden)

7. Plaid shirt 


8. Black leather coat


 9. Chunky sweater

10. Booties; either black, brown, or jewel toned


11. Peplum shirt or skirt
 (Urban Outfitters)

12. Sparkly dress or skirt
  (Urban Outfitters)

Thanks for reading and let me know your take on this fall season's fashions! 



  1. Great article!

    1. Thank you very much! I'm no expert so I'm so glad you enjoyed it

  2. LOVE this post! Such great fall pieces and advice! Keep up the great work! XOX

    1. Thank you so much Angela! Love your blog as well, and always love feedback!

  3. Thanks for the comment and I followed you on bloglovin! You have such a lovely blog!

  4. Great post - very helpful. Thanks for your support. Following your lovely blog now.


  5. Hey these are awesome! I'm totally keeping this list in mind when I go shopping... I agree with everything. Also, looking at some of the picks I clearly need to get my butt to Anthropologie!

    1. Thanks so much I am so glad you agree. Yes, anthro is one of my all time favorites, it can be a bit expensive but their headquarters are in Philly so they hold a special place in my heart, and a bunch of girls who went to my college intern there, so I love to support the company.

  6. I love this post! It's so well thought out, spot on and you're totally right with the save/spend tactic. Picked out some great trends, too, my faves for the fall are definitely the bold accessories (necklaces and collars), chunky knits and plaid shirts.

    1. Thanks so much! I am so glad you agree. I am loving the mix of chunky necklaces and collars.